What a week!  I thought a week of writing blog topics would get difficult, but it wasn’t too hard.  Today’s topic should be easy but it’s difficult for me – my favourite things from the week.  It’s hard because there are so many things and also because I didn’t get to read as many blogs as I had hoped.  Maybe that’s my favourite thing – how much I’ve been exposed to and how many people I’ve met through it.  Still, I won’t cop out like that, so here’s a breakdown of my some of my favourites.  It’s not exhaustive, but it’s something.

Monday: Change the world

Jane at Running Without Sugar was a refreshing and great start to the week for me.  It hit on so many important topics to me; exercise, “equal” treatment of diabetics, and I especially liked the mental checklist. 🙂  She had a great message, having diabetes is not a limitation.  Thanks Jane!

Tuesday: Poetry Tuesday

Laddie at Test Guess and Go was a shoe in for me.  I have an immense soft spot for our canine friends, and I love how she worked it into her poem.  I’ve really enjoyed Laddie’s blog throughout the week.  There were also some other great poems – I wish I could find them all, but I also loved “This is just to say” from Elizabeth at T1International

Wednesday: What Gets you Down

This was a hard day for me.  Mental health is not an easy topic, and ready a lot of blogs with so many sad emotions was very taxing.  I think this highlights how difficult a topic of mental health is.  I just don’t have a favourite from this day because I stopped reading after a bit – I couldn’t let myself go into that dark place.  It’s just a place I try to stay away from mentally.

Thursday: Mantras and More

This post by Daley at I Run on Batteries is awesome.  Look at the bright side.  The message in her post is exactly my experience – so I’m biased, who cares! 🙂

Friday: Diabetes Life Hacks

I loved the hacks Alberta Diabetic Girl shared; solely for the reminder that I need to keep a coin in my meter bag for when I have to change out batteries.  That, and her tip about infusion sites.  I do the same just in case my new site sucks (literally, if I have a blood filled vampire cannula).

Saturday: Snapshots

Two favourites – one is from The Diabetic Medic for her awesome photos of a year of diagnosis spent as a year thriving with diabetes.  Great photos!

The second – T1International’s post showing diabetes initiatives around the globe.  Words cannot describe, but I’m sure you understand why it’s a favorite.

My own favourites from the week

Monday, we adopted a new member in our family.  Winston the rescue!



And another amazing thing happened this week.  Team NovoNordisk had it’s first podium finish in the Amgen Tour of California!  They also captured the Most Courageous Rider jersey two days in a row! Way to go TNN!

So that’s my week, and that’s me signing out for Diabetes Blog 2014.  Thanks to all those who posted and those who read.  A special thanks to Karen at Bittersweet for putting this together.

I hope some of you stick around to read my (less frequent) updates. 🙂