Today’s Diabetes Blog Week topic is diabetes poetry.  This is probably the hardest topic for me to write about because I am not a creative person.  But I did think up a few based on some thoughts or photos I have.  And you know what, I had fun in the process.  So here goes! It’s either free form or haiku’s.  I don’t have enough skill to rhyme! 🙂


Every picture I take

It keeps cropping up

Pump bump, CGMS lump

It’s just sugar pills, I’m not that happy to see you

No point trying to crop these out

I’m proud of my photobombing, life sustaining friends

Inspiration for Photobombed, my CGMS hanging out ;)

Inspiration for Photobombed, my CGMS hanging out 😉


Diabetes Haiku #1

We are pin cushions

Rotate, avoid scar tissue

Dwindling real estate


Diabetes Haiku #2

The quantified self

Endless batteries of test

Guide for a long life



Alarm! Buzz! Awake again at night

Test, Bolus, treat the high, pop another sugar pill, treat the low

Insulin, CGM, Glucometer

Our minds, always filled with these thoughts, no room for more

Never quiet, always there

We all need some release

A freedom, a silence, some peace

5 AM, morning frost, out the door

Feet pounding, heart racing

Pushing harder, breathing faster

The fog clears, the mind sharpens, focuses

The world shrinks, becomes the moment

Consumed in my breath, connect with my body

Finally, that solitude, that release, I only exist in this moment

And there it is

Silence, my moment of freedom, fleeting, but attainable

It ends too soon, Alarm! Buzz!

Inspiration for Silence

Inspiration for Silence