One nugget that never really clicked with me for a while is that you cannot perform at your best if your blood sugar isn’t controlled.  To me the first step in controlling blood sugar is knowing what you are eating.  I don’t just mean reading the label.  I mean, eat real food – if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! Plus, we all like eating good tasting food right?  You’d be amazed how much better freshly made things taste.  If you know what you are putting in, you can bolus accordingly and your control will be all the better for it.  Tonight’s menu was fish tacos, with handmade tortillas, cilantro-lime baked cod, pan fried veggies and homemade guacamole.  Talk about delicious!  Two tacos with 4 oz of fish and a side salad with balsamic vinegar – 40 g carb, <500 calories.  Win win!

So morale of the story – eat real food, enjoy it, and work on gaining control of your sugars.  I think that’s a tasty first step, and you’d be amazed at how much better you perform when your engine is fueled properly.

Here’s me rolling out the tortillas, Dexcom clearly visible in kitchen prep. 🙂